Wednesday, January 2, 2008

River Bottom Hunting

Living in Montana, I am very fortunate to have a hunting area only a few minutes drive from my house. While this area is convenient, it does have its drawbacks. Being close to an urban area, dog walkers and kids playing in the woods are not uncommon sights after settling in to my treestand. My friend Ted took these pictures. Thats Ted's tree stand and his target/decoy. After a morning of seeing a few dog walkers that managed to scare away a few nice bucks and a doe, I headed over to Ted's stand and we both did some target practice.

If you look hard you can see me up in Ted's tree stand in the background.
This is me in Ted's tree stand. My stand is about
150 yards away from this one.

The target is approximately 20 yards away from me.

Ted showed me this scrape that he found not too far from his tree stand. This well used scrape is on a line of scrapes within the area.

An exciting scrape close-up.

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