Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Scouting

The 12&13th of July found me out doing some summer scouting for and area that I plan to hunt for elk in the fall. It was a beautiful weekend. The bugs were still a bit pesky but the Mountains had plenty of green grass and many abundant wildflowers. One of the coolest flowers I saw was a yellow monkey flower which for some reason I neglected to take photos of. Hopefully this scout trip will help me out in the Fall and at least keep me from gettting to turned around during the heat of the battle. Because Sunday was the 13th that proved to be my unlucky day. I ran into some car trouble and had to get my car towed and repaired in Philipsburg a small town about twenty miles from the scouting area. I finally was able to retreive my vehicle this weekend.

Finn my trusty field scout.

This drainage has and old mining claim in it. Aside from this old blaze there was much evidence of the previous activity that once happened here.

Finn in front of an old cabin.

This looks like a pretty lonesome place to live.

I am taking this old Schmidt beer can as a good omen! You can't see it too well, but there is big old elk on the this can.

Sticky Geranium.

A nic patch of Bluebells.

It turned out to be a gorgeous night.

And a beautiful Morning.

Finn heading into a field of Buckwheat, Lupine and Sage.

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