Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last Day of my Montana Game Damage Hunt for Elk

Well after an unsucsesfull weekend of hunting last weekend, and a pummelling in school that did not allow me to hunt at all during the week, I was excited to head out and try and hunt some elk on the last afternoon of my game damage hunt.

As I stated before I was allowed to hunt on three pieces of property and I could glass them from various roads around the area. So I headed out to look for elk on these properties.

I was dismayed, after some driving and glassing I couldn't find any elk on the property that I was allowed to hunt. I was even further dismayed when I found about 75 elk on piece of property conveniently located between the three pieces of property that I could hunt.

These elk were a ways from the property that I could hunt and would not be heading that way before dark.
This kind of put a damper on the hunt, so I glassed up these elk for a while and headed home.

I took these photos through a pair of binoculars with my handheld camera. The process is called digiscoping and I first heard about it on Bowcast on the this podcast.

Well that is it. That puts and end to my big game hunting season for 2008-2009. Now all I can say is bring on turkey season.

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