Friday, March 6, 2009

A New Season Begins, Training for Archery Season

Here in my chunk of Montana the weather and the calendar are battling to decide what season it should be. Even though we are still a few days away from Spring, the weather as of late has been Spring like with temps tipping the 50 degree mark. Except for this morning when I was greeted to an inch of snow and temps in the mid 20s. Admist this change in seasons I started mine. Sunday March 1st marked the beggining of archery season for me.

After not shooting my bow for two months I have picked it back up and begun shooting blank bale in my basement. While I strongly agree with the mindset of year round practice, I felt I needed to take a break from constant shooting. And I hoped to start strength training and up my poundage this year. While I started off strong on the strength training, I have slacked off for the last month due to the burden of school.

I'm lucky enough to have a basement in which I can shoot and it happens to be just about 10 yrds long. Aside from blank bale shooting I can step back a bit and target shoot. This setup is perfect when I'm pressed for time or it is too dark to shoot outside at my local range or the proshop is closed.

Here are a few shots of my practice space. As you can see I manage to squeeze in 10 yrd shots. You can also see my crudely fashion paper tuner. It gets the job done, however, for a good paper tuner check out this Bowcast Blog, by Matthew Burrows.

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