Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prep Time: Bowhunting Turkeys in Montana 2009

Having every intention of wanting to hunt the opening weekend of turkey season, I found myself on the archery range on the second day of the season instead of in the field. A stomach bug and the crushing weight of school had not left much time for extra activities, including this blog. So needless to say I was using time that could be spent hunting, dialing in my setup. Luckily we have a long turkey season here in Montana so I weekend squandered wasn't the end of the world.

My bow was shooting good, and the shooter behind the bow was coming along as well. It was good to set up my recently acquired ground blind and shoot from inside it.

I like the blind but I'm concerned that driving it's stakes into the ground will require very soft dirt. Not always an option when hunting and setting up on the fly.

Wind appears to be a potential factor and the blind will have to be well staked out if it is the least bit windy and I hope to fool some birds.
With the school semester coming to a close I'm not certain how many days I will have to get into the field and after turkeys.


Don said...

I am a trees stand hunter in western MT. I am looking for a screw in step with a long screw. The steps I can find on the market do not work in the big cotton woods I hunt in. They barely make it through the bark.Anybody have access to a better step?

Freddy K said...

Hi Don,
You are braver than me I try and avoid cottonwoods at all costs. I guess I don't believe my steps will hold in cottonwoods, and I have seen many the top of a cottonwood tree come tumbling down in wind storms. That being said sometimes you don't have an option. If your hunting on private land and you can leave them up, the strap on steps work great in my opinion. I think the grizzly step from ameristep has the longest thread length at 4". Login over at bowcast.com and ask over there, they may know of a longer thread length step.