Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bowhunting Western Montana: 2009 Turkey Season, finally a day in the field

Sunday the 26th found me out in the field for an afternoon of turkey hunting. I have to say this is my first day turkey hunting ever. I wasn't able to make it out for the morning but snuck out for a few hours during the day.

It was a beautiful Spring day here in western Montana. The grass is greening up nicely and I couldn't resist snapping a few wildflower pics.
A nice bunch of arrow leaf balsam roots.
I managed to see a turkey strutting in someones backyard while driving into the area that I would be hunting. I setup as close as I could to the property where I saw the turkey. Like I said I don't have much turkey hunting experience but this bird was going nuts gobbling every few minutes at the very least. He seemed some what receptive to my calling, and came closer to my setup but never seemed to get close enough for me to see him. I pretty sure this is a back yard bird and is probably called to frequently so he knows not to cross the road and barb wire fence that separated us that afternoon.

A lovely example of a larkspur.

Some really great looking property to hunt. I think it gets hammered by other hunters but I'm trying not to let this deter me. After not having any luck with the gobbling backyard bird I scouted out the rest of the property, while I didn't see much sign or here any gobbles I'm pretty sure that plenty of birds are in the area and I just need to get down there and make things happen.

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