Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th: Shed hunting on Montana's Wildlife Managment Areas

April brings easter egg hunts, but here in Montana May 1st & 15th are the days for a differenct kind of hunt for hidden treasures. These dates are when many of Montana's FWP managed Game Management Areas open to the public. These WMAs provide crucial winter range to many elk and deer through out the state. Given all of the wintering elk and deer, the shed hunting can be rather productive, so its no suprise to find many adults traipsing through these areas come their opening morning with and ear to ear grin found on a seven year old on Easter Sunday Morning.

It wasn't a productive day for me shed hunting, but wildlife, flowers and beauty abound. As I drove to the WMA, I encountered thick bank of fog. The fog started to lift soon after I started shed hunting. Not 20 minutes into hiking did I bump into these elk. I encountered three herds through out the day.

As usual I had Finn with me.

I took these shots to give folks a sense of the amazing winter range that has been set aside for wildlife.

This time of year grouse are in their mating mode. I spotted this male Blue Grouse and he put on a little show for me.

I didn't see as many wildflowers as I was expecting but found this nice Ballhead Waterleaf flower.

Me and Finn on a nice bench.

Some lovely bluebells

Great view from up high of the game range below.

Pasque flowers and elk poop. These are a few of my favorite things.

Finn cooling down.

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