Monday, December 22, 2008

Oct 30th and Nov 11th, Bow Hunting Success! Whitetail in Montana's Riverbottoms.

Well after 3 years of bow hunting I finally managed to harvest a big game animal. On October 30th I headed to my tree stand for the first time that season. While I wasn't necessarily expecting to get anything on this day, I had a really good feeling heading into my tree stand. I just felt like I was going to get something. Sometimes forgetting things can help you get other things. At around 6:30 a whitetail doe walked under my stand, I drew back to aim and released the arrow. After the shot the doe jumped forward about 5 yards and then proceeded another 30 yards and went down for good. I waited in my stand for a half hour before getting out of the stand. I had forgot my head lamp and wanted to find my arrow and the blood trail before approaching the deer to make sure she had expired. As far as forgetting things I forgot my camera and headlamp that day. So Laura was kind enough to bring me my headlamp. Shortly after bringing the head lamp we found the deer. I was great to have Laura, Finn, and our Friend Adam to helped me drag out the deer. Its too bad I didn't get a photo, but to say the least harvesting this doe made my confidence grow.

After harvesting the doe in October I hunted as much as I could out of my stand. This probably totaled about 4 0r 5 times before the 11th. I had seen some deer but never had any good shots on animals. On the morning of the 11th I headed into the stand with the hopes of seeing some rutting activity. Well it turned out to be a good morning. I saw three bucks, a few chasing does and shortly I had this buck hanging around the stand. He moved into a shooting lane about 24 yards from the stand. I managed to stay composed long enough to get off a shot. The deer moved off about a 100 yards and was down. Again I forgot my camera so I took this shot with the cell phone which turned out surprisingly well. It was tough getting him out of the woods even with a game cart, but he will fill the freezer nicely!

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