Saturday, December 20, 2008

October 11th, Solo Bow Hunting for Elk

This hunt turned out to be one my more memorable hunts of the season. Not because I manged to harvest an elk, but more for the great day it turned out be and the sense of accomplishment I felt after a good solo hunt. The day started off with me leaving the trailhead in the dark. I rode my bike for about two and half miles in the dark before dismounting and starting my hike. The whole time I was biking I was hoping that wasn't going to end up as cougar bait.

After getting off the bike and starting up a ridge I let out a few bugles and cows calls just a legal shooting light was approaching.

With no responses to my calling I stopped halfway up a ridge a began glassing the surounding area. After a few minutes I managed to spot a small herd of elk about a half mile away. I immediatley planned my stalk, which was going to prove difficult. Between me and the elk lay mostly open fairly dry country and a small band of timber. After taking my time and checking the wind religously I managed to get about 75 yards from a cow. I watched her feed for a bit and hope that she or any other elk would head my way.

After a few minutes this elk seemed to get on edge. Shortly after this I saw another elk with this cow that I thought was a bull but I never saw its head. With no other options I decided to call, while I didn't call anything in, I did hear a bugle on the ridge above me. Unfortunately it sounded a bit far off.
I headed out in the direction of this bugle which led me through some great country and to the summit of McLeod Mountain. Unfortunatley I never managed to catch up with these elk, but had a very enjoyable day and saw some country that I will be hunting hard next season.

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