Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Elk and brucellosis management in Montana

I just saw this article on the FWP's website. Recently that spotlight has been pointed towards elk in regards to brucellosis transmission in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Sportsmen and women must watch this management closely. Elk must be managed as a wild population, and brucellosis management applied to bison in the Park, could not and should not be applied to elk. With that being said it think that it is important to support the ranching communities effected by this issue. Ranching has a rich tradition in the West, and aside from being good stewards of the land, working ranches keep valuable property from being subdivided, or turned into amenity ranches which carry a whole different set of problems when it comes to managing wild elk populations.

Resolving this issue will not be easy and will take some time. Until then I think it is important to monitor the management of elk, by state and federal agencies.

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