Sunday, January 25, 2009

Game Damage Hunt Preperation; Lead Sled

My game damage elk hunt is a just a few weeks away. Since I didn't rifle hunt this Fall I figured I better get some practice in. So I borrowed a buddies lead sled and headed out the range. My .270 was shooting good at 100 yrds, and I took a few shots off the bench with out the sled, once I had it dialed in.

Next week I plan on dialing the rifle in at 200 yrds. Given the open nature of the area I will be hunting I'm thinking that I will be taking a shot longer than I'm used to while hunting the forests of Western Montana. However, the hunting area is in close proximity to a few subdivisions so single lethal shot is of utmost importance, and I will need to have my shooting skill it top form and make sure that I execute a good shot.

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