Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve Venison Pasties

For New Year's Eve I decided to test out a recipe I found in a copy of the my local Rod and Gun Club's, newsletter. Pasty are of Irish, Cornish and Welsh decent ( don't quote me on that). They are popular throughout Western Montana, especially in Butte. Recently in the local paper there has been some heated debate about the traditional filling for these and whether they should be topped with gravy. I view gravy, like bacon, why not add some to anything you are eating. The filling is a mix of venison potatoes and onions and a little salt and pepper. This recipe is more like pasties found currently for sale around Montana, and I slathered
them in gravy.

They turned out pretty aside from the goof in the crust recipe thanks to me. I will be making them again in the future.

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Aneal said...

Hey Fred - this looks like a tasty recipe I am going to have to try for sure! Good stuff.

Also wanted to give you a huge shout from all of us over at BowCast. Thanks for linking to our site and podcast, and we look forward to continuing to read your blog. A lot of great information for the crazed archery hunter on Fred's Hunting Blog.

Happy New Year!

Aneal and BowCast