Saturday, January 24, 2009

Venison Breakfast Sausage

Now that the regular hunting season has ended a great way to savor the hunt is to do some game processing. I didn't have much time to grind and process my deer while butchering this Fall, so last night I decided to grind up some venison for breakfast sausage. I also decided to try out the meat grinding attachment that is available for Kitchen Aid mixers. While I do own a grinder from Northern Tool, I was given this Kitchen Aid attachment and had never used it.

I selected a recipe from "The Venison Sausage Cookbook", put out by Lyons Press. I picked this book up a few years ago and I think it is great. It is loaded with great sausage recipes, as well as step by step directions, and recipes for your already made sausage. I had four pounds of venison and added a little less than two pounds of pork, add to that a nice assortment of spices and your ready to grind.

The first grind looked pretty good.

The Kitchen Aid mixer did pretty good. I wouldn't want to have this as my primary grinder, but I think it would suffice for someone who wanted to make small batches of burger or sausage every now and then. I don't think that it would handle the rigors of grinding 20 pounds of venison into burger or sausage, in one shot. Clean up was pretty easy, but I did feel the plastic parts didn't clean up as easily as the metal parts on my other grinder.

The second grind is when things started coming together.
The real moment of truth came this morning when it came time to throw a few patties in the frying pan.

It turns out that I will be savoring this hunting for many mornings to come.

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